Public theology as a pillar within the Transform Network is rooted in a deep commitment to bridging together the vast and varied traditions of theologies of liberation (black, feminist, queer, Latin@, mujersita, post-colonial, among others).  Bridging together the theories and theologies of liberation help mobilize our public engagement into an engagement of difference and becoming, or the enactment of radical social change.

Given the commitments of theologies of liberation (that of being recognized as fully human and flourishing in this world), we are committed to a public discourse that not only helps frame a liberative flourishing but also mobilizes communities for radical social change.  We accomplish this by leading workshops on theologies of healthy social movements, displacing whiteness, re-imagining the Divine, and a deep commitment to the radical interconnectedness of all things (otherwise known as intersectionality).  Public theology, while an academic discipline, is our strategy to bridge together theory/theology and praxis for radical social change.