Through authentic connection and direct action, Movement In Faith strives to support communities of faith in identifying their intersection of faith and social justice as well as be a positive faith presence in justice work.

The current justice movement is a people’s movement, and it will take the faith community actively organizing and mobilizing with marginalized communities. Movement In Faith will provide training, organizing, infrastructure, resources, and long-term support for faith community-led efforts in justice work. This would be a people’s model that affirms the people’s power to self-actualize. Faith leaders are welcome to participate but the movement would largely come from members of the faith community that have skills, passions, and talents that are essential in furthering justice work in America. This is Kingdom building for justice work.

Short-term goals include assisting faith communities in finding themselves in justice movement and designing active methods to organize, mobilize, resist, impact policy, and begin to self-determine resources. So often faith communities are immobilized by aspects of justice that they perceive as being at odds with their faith, but faith can actually inform their place and role in justice work.

Mid-range goals include connecting faith communities to established people and organizations already doing great work in their identified areas of social change and/or creating and sustaining infrastructure for new or customized approaches to social change.

Long-range goals include broadening the faith community’s concept of community through authentic connection and direct action. Organizing and mobilizing with community members outside of their faith tradition or house of faith will produce authentic connections and forge lasting community by being human and vulnerable and together in direct action. This will make it harder for division to be used by institutions that seek to maintain oppressive power.

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