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  • @katie-shiraz
    Katie, that is a painful journey. I am glad you are here and seeking healing.

  • @vickiw
    Vicki, I am glad you have found a church that IS what Jesus taught. I resonate with your anger at so called Christians who forget what Jesus actually said and how the Bible is used to justify hate and exclusion. It makes it hard for me to even call myself Christian. I keep trying to think of an other term to explain my shared values…[Read more]

    • Thank you, Karen! I tend to use “follower of Jesus” when I feel like I have to use something. I totally get not wanting to use the word Christian!

  • @lindaa
    Wow, that’s really painful to read. Finding and loosing your place at the table, BEFORE YOU FINISH SEMINARY! Ugh. Many years ago, while in seminary, after realizing I did not want to be in ‘the church’ I thought about quitting my education. Luckily for me, my partner at the time, dragged me to the finish line. She said that I needed…[Read more]

  • @nick2057
    Nick, what a painful, frustrating journey. Corporate faith is a messy business. Too many dysfunctional people gathering and all those individual dysfunctions clashing into each other! I have given up on being active in local churches, although I can sometimes find a place that I can enjoy and feel fed by worship. I think ministry…[Read more]

  • @faith-lierheimer
    Faith, self forgiveness has been really hard for me too. I try to remember that those actions (that I now see as harmful) taught me something that helped me become the balanced/whole/complete person I am now, the good and be not so good all mixed up together. And I can use these experiences to help others heal. People need…[Read more]

    • Karen this is super lovely. I’m sorry Ididn’t see it sooner, I”m not used to this classroom format it seems. I like how you said the actions taught you something that helped you become who you are, and I think that’s true of me as well. Thank you for sharing this.

  • @jennifer-jepsen
    Jennifer, thank you for sharing your story. I too have experienced being marginalized by groups due to my gender. Sadly, many people still believe woman do not have good ideas or leadership abilities! It sounds like you are healing and finding your best self. Keep going!

  • @tarac
    Thank you for sharing your story and your honesty. It is a sad truth that churches are too often dysfunctional families. I realized that in the 80’s when I was in seminary and that is the main reason I did not pursue ministry at that time. I knew I was not strong enough in my own sense of self, to cope with that mess! It sounds like…[Read more]

    • Thanks for those words, Karen. It’s so true that the church is so often like a dysfunctional family…and no one wants to get therapy and learn to be healthier together! I was often pressed by close family and friends to pursue an MDiv and become an “official” pastor, but it never felt like “me,” despite my gifts for that kind of ministry. Having…[Read more]

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