When we care for our inner space, and connect with God in a way that leaves room to listen, we feed our soul & energize ourselves for the tough work we have to do in the world as change-makers, voice-givers, woundedness-healers, and more.

We hope to meet you in “a thin place” which can hold the tension between action + contemplation in this world. Join us for an experiment in delving into our inner space of soul + self online. We can create communities of faith in practice, action, and meditation together even from great distances.

Engaging in these kinds of practices can be energizing, healing, filling, calming, and safe to create this space for ourselves in this “white noise” world we spend most of our time in–online and in our three-dimensional lives.

Join us live to watch + listen to these practices via LIVE STREAM & contribute to post-practice processing and discussion.