We are mentored in Faith-Rooted Organizing by our “madrina” Alexia Salvatierra, who co-authored the book by Varsity Press called “Faith-Rooted Organizing: Mobilizing the Church in Service to the World” with Peter Heltzel.  We love Alexia’s framework of “dove power” and “serpent power” and her scripturally based framework for deep systemic social transformation.  Alexia as been a keynote at multiple Transform Network events.

We thinTransform-Climate-Marchk Christians have a beautiful and compelling reason to take collective action for justice. Transform is focused on training and mobilizing progressive Christians to take a stand for social transformation at every opportunity.

We honor the diversity of tactics that different kinds of changemakers — from the prefigurative – already practicing and living the change to the strategicschange agents taking on long term strategic action to change systems of oppression, and from organizational capacity builders to movement builders and mobilizers as well as missional practitioners in the trenches bringing ministry and healing to people and places that are wounded.

We honor the role of each and their contribution to the whole. We believe in the power of the multitude to make transformative personal and social change.

The underling theology and practical framework for change that we use is based in mutual and collective liberation. In simple terms, if I’m not free and if you aren’t free, I’m not free. We foster a movement culture among progressive Christians, non-believers and friends and allies of multi-faith. We encourage people to realize and mobilize their personal and collective agency to make powerful change in the world.