FB Graphic Net NeutralityTransform is teaming up with the Faithful Internet Campaign to help mobilize people of faith to defend net neutrality. Please join us in raising our voices in chorus to support equal rights an access to the internet.

Today, the Internet is a place where all Americans have an equal voice — no matter the color of our skin, size of our wallets, or content of our beliefs.  Right now, a debate in Washington could end the Internet as we know it.  We could wind up with fast lanes for those who pay — and slow lanes for the rest of us.  We would no longer have an equal chance to express ourselves, connect with one another, and stand against injustice, as our faiths teach us. Our faith institutions will also suffer. But we can change that.

A vote on February 26 and a likely backlash in Congress to block Net Neutrality will define the future of the Internet for all of us.  Find out what’s at stake for faith leaders and communities — and what you can do:

Check out this information webinar
Complete a easy four-sentence testimonial
Make a video to speak out and let the FCC know how important this is!

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