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Welcome to the Healing Justice Online Course. I am so pleased that you have offered yourself the gift of healing and care as a vital dimension of social change work. With support from the Transform Network, this course is an offering that comes from my own journey as a change agent and someone who has been on a path of integration of undigested experiences, including those whose origins and power are sourced from larger systemic forces that wreak havoc on our bodies, minds, and spirits.

In 2018, I published a book, Healing Justice: Holistic Self-Care for Change Makers, whose goal was to be a resource for activists engaged in the outer work of social change to accompany them on the inner work of transformation. The concept of healing justice can best be captured by Audre Lorde’s famous quote: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” While many of us have internalized personal and cultural resistances to engaging in self-care and collective healing work, the words of Audre Lorde remind us that self-compassion and mindfulness can be an act of resistance in a society that teaches us to judge, ignore, or abuse ourselves.

I suggest that you get yourself a journal or notebook for the course in order to engage with the content, exercises and reflections throughout the 3 weeks and even beyond. Before getting started, I invite you to reflect on what has brought you here in this moment. How did you get here? Who are you now? What do you need? Throughout the course, much will be revealed about these kinds of questions and much more. You may be surprised by the things that may fall away and the wisdom and peace that are available to you.  

Again, I welcome you to this space. May it be for the benefit of all beings.

Loretta Pyles




Week One: Sunday

Author: Loretta Pyles

WHAT IS HEALING JUSTICE? HOLISTIC/TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING – As you engage with course content, notice the ways in which you might be drawn into ideas and ways in which you might feel disconnected from them. You can find clues in your own body – is there a leaning in, a sense of opening towards? Notice when [...]

Week One: Monday

Author: Loretta Pyles

BURNOUT AND MORAL INJURY CENTERING – We will begin today with the same grounding we did yesterday. Find a comfortable position either sitting or standing, sense into the bottoms of your…

Week One: Tuesday

Author: Loretta Pyles

STRESS, OPPRESSION AND TRAUMA CENTERING –  Today you’re invited to try a 10-minute guided mindfulness meditation with me. Or, take a few minutes to center yourself in your own way.…

Week One: Wednesday

Author: Loretta Pyles

DEEPENING INTO OUR WHOLE SELVES AND CAPABILITIES FOR HEALING JUSTICE “The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment,” – Swami Kripalu YOU CAN VIEW THE LIVE EVENING CLASS HERE! In…

Week One: Thursday

Author: Loretta Pyles

A WHOLE SELF APPROACH CENTERING –  Try out this exercise of connecting led by Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams. LESSON – Since you have been starting to engage and reflect with…

Week Two: Sunday

Author: Loretta Pyles

THE BODY CENTERING –  Start the session with this Body Scan Meditation LESSON – Our relationships to our bodies are complex. This exploration invites you into the possibility of transformation…

Week Two: Monday

Author: Loretta Pyles

THE MIND-HEART CENTERING –  Begin this class by engaging with this meditation on the Mindfulness of Emotions. LESSON – Buddhist vipassana meditation teaches that every experience or feeling one has…

Week Two: Tuesday

Author: Loretta Pyles

COMMUNITY CENTERING – Engage with this opening meditation on loneliness. LESSON – Self-care and collective care are mutually reinforcing concepts that are helpful in the healing justice journey. Collective care…

Week Two: Wednesday

Author: Loretta Pyles

LIVE CLASS WITH LORETTA AND LISA GOOD TONIGHT FROM 8-9:30 PM EASTERN (LOG IN BELOW) “Remember you are water. Of course you leave salt trails. Of course you are crying.…

Week Two: Thursday

Author: Loretta Pyles

NATURE CENTERING –  Begin the lesson with this Meditation on the Sounds of Nature. LESSON – Like many people, I find the deepest levels of connection and communion when I spend…

Week Three: Sunday

Author: Loretta Pyles

ONE DAY AT A TIME CENTERING – Try out this yoga nidra practice. Nidra means “sleep” so it can be a very relaxing practice and is also useful for people…

Week Three: Monday

Author: Loretta Pyles

TRAUMA SENSITIVE & HEALING JUSTICE ORGANIZATIONS CENTERING – Try out this trauma sensitive yoga practice that is for all levels. LESSON – The Sanctuary Model is an organizational model that…

Week Three: Tuesday

Author: Loretta Pyles

CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION CENTERING – Try out this Meditation for Stress LESSON – Read the following poem by Hafiz: TRIPPING OVER JOY What is the difference Between your experience of Existence And…

Week Three: Wednesday

Author: Loretta Pyles

PUTTING HEALING JUSTICE INTO ACTION “Contemplative practice can assist people in creating together a living experience of a new paradigm of social justice out of which work can then flow,…

Week Three: Thursday

Author: Loretta Pyles

GOING FORWARD CENTERING – Using the contemplative tools you have been learning and nurturing during the course, take 5 minutes to breathe, move/stretch, get still, or pray, as an entry…