Giving You the Faith-Rooted Resources
You Need to Practice Justice, in Good Faith.

Are you ready to dive deep into contemplative and outwardly-focused theologies, storytelling, and practice that will bring lasting change to you and your broader faith community? 

For over a decade, Transform Network has been working to encourage and support progressive Christians and churches and connect them with broader movements for social change.  

We believe that progressive Christianity (sometimes called prophetic Christianity) is the movement the world needs but doesn’t know it yet. 

When you join Transform Network, you’re joining a community of practice that believes that progressive Christianity is the social movement(s) the world needs to bring healing and to move this country (and this planet) in a better direction.

Our passion is to resource, train, and mobilize people and communities of faith to join what God is already doing in the world, growing transformative church and social justice movements.

Here’s more about what Transform Network has to offer:

  • TransformClassroom.Online — Our newly redesigned online learning site is a timely tool for cultivating online communities of learning and practice. With cohort-style and on-demand classes, this site is a shared resource for communities moving to online containers for their community builder and learning. Read our relaunch blog announcement

  • The Progressive Christian Calendar — All of the events you’re looking for — now in one place! What better way for progressive Christian movements to see themselves than to have all of these events listed in one calendar?

  • Transform’s Roster of Progressive & Prophetic Christian Speakers — We’re working with some of the most prophetic voices in progressive Christianity today! We want to get their voices out into more spaces more of the time. With your help, we can do that! We can transform the body of Christ, and, in the process, impact the world.

  • The Transform Network Podcast — Amplifying the voices of progressive Christians, from activists to authors and everyone in between!

  • Transform Dispatches — A redesigned and recharged blog and monthly emails chock full of resources for all things progressive/prophetic Christian.

  • Fiscal Sponsorship+ Program for Prophetic Projects — We share our non-profit status with similar-minded projects working for faith and justice. In addition to fiscal sponsorship, we set up online donation portals and support via social media and the generosity of our network!