Who We Are
Transform Network is a network of Christian activists and practitioners engaged in social justice and community transformation work around the country, within and outside of denominational structures.

Our mission is to train, organize and mobilize people of faith to join movements for social transformation.

Our vision is to see a world where Christians are actively working in all roles of social change by doing the inner and outer work of transformational change in the way of Jesus and in chorus with other faith traditions.

How we Work
Our network gathers around a table of love and justice supported by four main programming legs: Missional Community Formation, Justice Church, Contemplative Activism and Public Theology. Our programming unfolds through two main methods, LEARNING TOGETHER: by convening both online and offline conversations, gatherings and trainings, and ACTING TOGETHER: by partnering with other individuals, organizations and networks for holistic social transformation.

At Transform Network we:

  • Practice progressive, inclusive, and generative community
  • Seek connection with our brothers & sisters of various Christian traditions around common goals of justice, peace, love and transformation.
  • Theologize together with space for doubt, deconstruction, reconstruction, fresh theologizing, and ancient wisdom
  • Discuss growing edge issues faced by the church with love, compassion and space for all.
  • Lament the pain and death that comes from inaction in the face of oppression. Our journeys have led us to an understanding that we must take action.
  • Take on difficult conversations and hold tensions respectfully. We are committed to dialog about race, gender, sexuality, abuse, disability, bias and learning from those most marginalized or affected.
  • Encourage and try new and creative expressions of church and faith based intentional community
  • Believe in transformation because we experience it in ourselves and see it in people all the time.

Our History
Transform started in 2009 as a progressive missional community formation network that fosters innovative expressions of Christian community and has gravitated over time toward collective action models for justice. Love God and love your neighbor are important and good commandments, but realized we needed to go further. Systems of oppression keep communities and people groups embedded in oppression. We believe Christians have a strong mandate to challenge and replace those systems by engaging in Collective Action.

Love God, love your neighbor, take collective action.

Our Guiding Principles: 

  • intersectional — Transform is a place of many intersections and thus we hold space for community in the presence of difference, we embrace plurality informed deeply by mutual and collective liberation
  • trans-denominational — working across denominational lines, in partnership with existing denominations, as well as with independent non-denominational groups
  • missional — participating with God in God’s holistic mission to restore all of creation and joining with broader movements for positive social change
  • formational — contributing to the formation of vibrant communities of practice that in turn contribute to the formation of robust disciples of Jesus Christ
  • collective action — traditionally defined as any action taken together by a group of people whose goal is to achieve a common objective. We want this action to be deeply formed by our faith as well as contextualized to and borne from within the community served.